For Exhibitors

Categories of Exhibits


Organic Material, Electronic / Magnetic / Metal / Inorganic Material, Nano Materials (Fullerene / carbon nanotube / graphene / nano particle), Resin / Additive, Film / Sheet, Coating material, Other functional materials

Fabrication Technology / Evaluation & Measurement / Analysis Technology & Tool

Microfabrication (front-end , etching , deposition , lithography etc.), Microfabrication (back-end , mounting , packaging etc.), Evaluation Measurement and Designing Tool, Fabrication Technology (Machining , Electro-discharge machining , Plating , Electroforming etc.), Evaluation & Measurement / Analysis Technology & Tool, Nano imprint, Printed electronics, 3d printing, Minimal fab


Vehicle sensor, Electronic compass, Biosensor / Lab-on-a-chip, RF-MEMS, MEMS microphone, Optical MEMS, Mechanical sensor (Pressure / Accelerating / Gyro), Environmental sensor (Temperature / Humidity / Gas), Actuator, Next-generation sensor, Combo sensor, Flexible sensor, Energy harvesting / Microenergy source, Other Sensors / Sensor Modules


Environment & Energy, Healthcare & Medical, Smart Life & Smart Community, Life Sciences / Wearable / Sports, Information and Telecommunications Equipment, Automobile, Aerospace, Food / Agriculture, Robotics, Greensensor Network, ROAD Infrastructure Monitoring System / Industrial Infrastructure Sensor System, Smart Monitoring System, IoT/ M2M application, Wireless Network System, 5G / Next-generation Smartphone, Optical Network, Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Deep Learning

Service / Business model

Prototyping Manufacturing Service, MEMS Foundry, Evaluation & Measurement / Analysis Service, Nano & Micro Research / Pilot Fab, Research and development institutions / University

Exhibition Fee

  Standard Exhibition Members
Space only / 9m2 349,920JPY
(tax included)
(tax included)
Package Booth / 4m2 108,000JPY
(tax included) ◎
(tax included) ◎
Package Booth / 4m2
Public Organizations, Overseas
Pavilions & University Labs Only
54,000JPY (tax included) ◎


Space only (W2,970mm x D2,970mm: approx. 9m2)

  • *Neighboring booths are separated by panels.
    For corner booths, there are no panels on the sides facing the aisles.
  • *The exhibition fees listed herein do not include the cost for installation/dismantling, decoration, booth cleaning/disposal, and the charges for electricity, water supply, drainage and phone etc.

How to Apply

Simply complete the Application Form and submit it to the Secretariat.

1Deadline for application
June 30 (Fri.), 2017
  • Please note that no more applications will be accepted once the planned number is reached, even if this occurs before the deadline.
2Deadline for payment
July 31 (Mon.), 2017
In principle, applications cannot be cancelled after the Application Form is submitted. Only when the Secretariat deems it unavoidable, the cancellation will be accepted. In such cases, the following cancellation fee will be incurred according to the date when the cancellation is received in written form.
The received date
of cancellation
Cancellation fee
June 30 (Fri.), 2017
50% of
the invoiced amount
On and after
July 1 (Sat.), 2017
100% of
the invoiced amount

Important Dates

June 30 (Fri.), 2017 July 31 (Mon.), 2017 End of July, 2017 End of Aug, 2017 October 2 (Mon.) -
3 (Tue.), 2017
October 4 (Wed.) -
6 (Fri.), 2017
Deadline for Exhibit Application Deadline for Payment The Exhibitor Manual and floorplan will be announced. Distribution of invitations Move-in and Set up
(2 days)
Exhibition Open
(3 days)

*Move-out begins on Oct. 6 (Fri.) after the show is closed.

Package Booth (Optional)

To order, please refer to the exhibitor manual (to be sent at the end of July, 2017).

1 Booth Plan (9m2)

Package Booth (4m2)

Booth Type 1 Booth Plan (9m2) Package Booth (4m2)
(tax included)
108,000JPY Booth fee included in exhibition fees listed above
(corresponding booths marked with a ◎ symbol)
  • ・System Panels
  • ・Installation of electric supply:
    100V5A, 500W
  • ・Parapet
  • ・Company plate & Fascia board
  • ・Carpet
  • ・Reception Counter
    (W900 D450 H800)
  • ・2 Long Spot Light
  • ・2 Display Cabinets
    (W990 D990 H750)
  • ・2 Outlets
  • ・2 Folding Chairs
  • ・1 Trash Can
  • ・1 Catalogue Stand
  • ・1 Folding chair
  • ・1 Company name plate
  • ・1 Meeting Table
    (W1500 D600 H730, White Linen)
  • ・2 Side panel

*Side panels are not included for booths located on corners. Please inform the Secretariat if you require one.


  • Micromachine Center
  • JTB Communication Design, Inc.

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c/o JTB Communication Design, Inc.
Celestine Shiba Mitsui Building, 3-23-1, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-8335